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We design NANO HOUSES with an emphasis on the highest quality standards using modern technologies and components from proven manufacturers. The result will delight everyone! 


We are also happy to adapt to what is important to you and we like challenges, so we can do almost anything to order. Let us know what is part of your dream of self-sufficient mobile living ... 


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HEATFLOW® underfloor heating is built into the entire area of the house and will warm you even in the shower! The annual cost of heating the entire building is really NANO: with an overview, you can fit under CZK 6,000. 


The energy losses of the living space are only 1.7 kW and in the case of the bathroom less than 0.4 kW. You can conveniently control the ideal indoor climate with a remote control (Wi-Fi) using a digital thermostat and 2.5 kW air conditioning from the world-famous Haier brand. 


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The HST portal undoubtedly belongs to the top of the imaginary pyramid of modern balcony doors, optically enlarges the space and allows a beautiful view outside. For perfect privacy and regulation of external light, these sliding lifting glass doors are usually equipped with an electric shutter. We will also be happy to recommend suitable shading technology for all plastic six-chamber windows.


Do not hesitate to ask us about the possibilities regarding a modular terrace, which can create a great outer zone of relaxation. 


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Swiss quality bathroom and toilet! Equipment from the renowned company GEBERIT, whose products are known for their high quality. The bathroom is equipped with a barrier-free shower and has an innovative monolithic material, which is much more practical compared to the classic commonly used tiles, as it will facilitate maintenance in the long run and keep your bathroom like new. 

The Kitchen


Choosing a new kitchen has not been easier! The traditional IKEA manufacturer resonates with our obsession with meeting deadlines, so it will deliver a new kitchen for you within a week from the moment you choose it. A beautiful kitchen is an integral part of the household.


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IKEA constantly comes up with a lot of modern and sophisticated interior solutions that fit perfectly into the NANO house. For example, a practical folding table with a shelf, chest of drawers, and small cabinets serve perfectly. From an aesthetic and functional point of view, the modern chandelier on solid beams, which has adjustable lighting angles, will delight many eyes. 



The terrace gives living in NANO-DOM an idyllic essence all year round and allows it to be an experience every day. It also creates a beautiful entrance to the house. We take care of the production again ourselves to ensure a great design, long life and adapt the pergola spatially to the building itself. 

The individual equipment is covered by the WARRANTY directly from the manufacturer. 

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