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NANO HOUSES are a complex and well-thought-out concept. The common denominator is the diverse range of options to reach their full potential. You can use the starting house as well as the dream of dreams at any time and the cycle closes. Between starting in a young and peaceful retirement, between these two stages of life there are other possibilities of use, for example for rent, recreation in nature, houses can also serve as a luxurious year-round habitable art studio, etc. Below we present 4 basic options. This whole cycle is the reason why investing in NANO DOMU is a sure bet nowadays. 


Under the idea of independence, young people of working age usually commit to a mortgage for a house or apartment worth several million crowns, which they then end up repaying for many years. The reality is that they do not spend the vast majority of their time at home anyway, but work and travel. In reality, they do not have the space to use the potential of expensive conventional buildings. Of course, they cannot move their housing to another location as needed. It also often happens that, for example, young couples do not reach or have the necessary capital on credit at a bank, but at the same time they want to live independently. NANO HOUSES represent a great potential for quality living in the productive age and enable young people to remain independent. They eliminate life on debt. In addition to clear financial savings, much simpler conditions for construction and its speed also help in various life situations. 


The new NANO HOUSES are a perfect alternative to country cottages and chalets, whose purchase prices on the real estate market are also rising sharply. In the case of our modern eco-houses, customers get real luxury combined with mobility for a comparable or lower price. We will build a tailor-made small residence for you, which will be able to serve in several beautiful places as your personal oasis of peace and quiet. We believe that thanks to the quality of equipment, economical operation and environmental friendliness, this is an investment that exceeds the purchase of classic recreational facilities in many respects. Nature and our houses, that is, in a word, harmony. Enjoy days in the countryside to the fullest! 


NANO HOUSES will appreciate every plot of land and serve as a smart investment with a quick return. By purchasing our house, you will get the same rental income as in the case of ordinary houses and flats, whose purchase price and operating costs are in completely different price ranges. Thanks to the individual parameters, our self-sufficient buildings are perfect for placement in unique locations or recreational areas in the mountains or by the water, where people are looking for hotel-type accommodation, providing them with enough privacy and the necessary comfort. Use the potential to the full and awaken the developer. You will build your own resort for a fraction of the price and time. Think big and rent NANO HOUSES! 


“Get your parents a beautiful new NANO HOUSE.”

Last but not least, the goal of our company is to mediate idyllic pensions and happy old age within housing. Modern barrier-free living is excellent for this. Today, NANO HOUSES solve, among other things, everyday problems arising from survival in the form of multigenerational houses, you can simply place our house on the other end of the plot and create a great independent living. Older people will also welcome the simpler operation of the household and significantly lower maintenance requirements. There is definitely no need to go to the boiler to heat. 

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