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NANO HOUSES do not need a building permit! However, it depends on the specific building authority what approach to choose the location of each building and whether it will require, for example, the announcement of the building, which is in any case faster and simpler than the processes associated with the construction of classic brick houses.


We will be happy to discuss specific cases with you and help you find your way around the relevant bureaucracy so that you can easily and quickly prepare the ground for the dream realization of a new house. 

I'm not sure what permission I'll need...

Thank you!

associated building 

In this case, a building is already standing on the building plot and NANO-DŮM will appear here as an associated building. In accordance with current legislation, this is the simplest form of implementation and placement of the NANO-HOUSE, and you do not need any permission. More info regarding affiliate house legislation here. 

on an empty plot

It applies to an empty building plot on which no building stands yet. In this case, the NANO-HOUSE will be built in the regime of territorial consent. The following documents are used to obtain territorial approval: 

  • Form for "Notification of intent in the territory for the issuance of a territorial consent" 

  • Basic project documentation of a mobile home 

  • Sketch of the situation with the location of a mobile home on the plot

  • Consent of the parties concerned (network administrators, neighbors, etc.) 


Option of the house over 25 m. Here, based on the legislation, we distinguish 3 options: 

1. Without connection to engineering networks (or it will be connected secondary, i.e. without additional requirements for the existing infrastructure) In these cases, the mobile home will be installed in the zoning consent mode. 


2. With connection to engineering networks, while NANO-DŮM will be seen as a product fulfilling the function of a building. The most common form of implementation of mobile homes. In these cases, the house will be installed in the construction notification mode, while you can do without the classic construction documentation. It is up to us, as the manufacturer, only to prove that our product - NANO-DŮM - meets all the requirements for housing according to §156 of the Building Act (fire resistance, thermal-technical parameters, etc.). 


3. With connection to engineering networks, while NANO-DŮM will be seen as a classic building. Here is the place of installation in the construction notification mode. The house, and therefore the project documentation must in this case meet the same parameters as a classic house. To do this, it is necessary to prepare project documentation for a specific house according to the Building Act, which will extend the preparation phase to 2-3 months. 

Permanent residence in the NANO-HOUSE

NANO-DŮM represents for you a full-fledged address intended for permanent residence, as follows from the quote below:

Permanent residence of residents is regulated in § 10 of Act No. 133/2000 Coll. on population registration and birth numbers as amended:

"The place of permanent residence means the address of the citizen's residence in the Czech Republic, which the citizen usually chooses in the place where he has a family, parents, apartment or job. A citizen may have only one place of permanent residence, in a building which is marked according to a special regulation (Decree No. 326/2000 Coll.) By a descriptive or registration number, or an orientation number, and which is intended for housing, accommodation or individual recreation. . The citizen's registration for permanent residence does not give rise to any rights to the building according to the previous paragraph or to the property owner. "

Descriptive number and registration number 

Pursuant to Section 31 of Act No. 128/2000 Coll., On Municipalities (Municipal Establishment), as amended, the building must be marked with a descriptive number, unless otherwise stated. If it is a building intended for individual recreation, it is not marked with a descriptive number, but with a registration number: 


"The descriptive number is the numerical spatial identifier of the territorial element statistical building in the case of an object intended for permanent residence or an object of another permanent character." 


"The registration number is a numerical spatial identifier of the territorial element statistical building in the case of an object intended for temporary or temporary housing or an object of another temporary character." It follows that NANO-HOUSES can be marked with a descriptive and registration number. 

Project documentation 

On paper or in the form of digital files, take a look with us at the 2D form of the dream of independent living ... 


We will be happy to go through the project documentation with you in detail as part of the planning and explain everything. We are not afraid to "show your insides" because they are part of the transparent work we are proud of. Architect checking blueprints 

Architekt Kontrola plány


A building that does not require a zoning decision or zoning approval - § 79 par. 2 let. o) of the Building Act

Territorial approval is not required if it is a building up to 25 m2 of built-up area and up to 5 m high with one floor, basement to a maximum depth of 3 m on the plot of a family house or building for family recreation, which is related to or conditions housing or family recreation, is in accordance with the spatial planning documentation, is located at a distance from the boundaries of the land of at least 2 m, the area of ​​the part of the land capable of absorbing rainwater after its location will be at least 50% of the total land area of ​​a family house or building for family recreation. Neither a building permit nor a notification is required for the actual implementation of this construction. 

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