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Kreditní karta

Are you considering buying a new Nano House?

Whether for the purpose of permanent housing or as part of other possible uses, in all cases we will be happy to help you with easy and flexible financing with the help of our business partners. We will thus supply you with a fair mortgage or a loan with an above-standard rate for NANO houses, if necessary even without an advance payment. Funding is always an individual matter. 
We will ensure that nothing stops you on the way to your dream of smart living. Therefore, do not hesitate to ask us for detailed information regarding the methods of financing listed below. 


We will be happy to advise you and meet your needs. To give you an idea, here are 3 basic options.

Which mortgage suits you best?

1. Mortgage loan with any collateral 

  • Low installments due to the spread over up to 20 years

  • Interest rate 4.85% with a fixation for 3 years

  • Possibility of early repayment 

  • You don't have to have another property 

  • Settlement 2-4 weeks 

2. Spotřebitelský
  • Low interest rate 3.89% 

  • Fixation for the entire maturity period 

  • Maturity maximum 8 years 

  • Flash processing: money on the account within 3 days! 

3. Americká
  • Other real estate guarantee (LTV 70%) 

  • Low installments, maturity 20 years 

  • Interest rate up to 3.44% (according to creditworthiness) 

  • Possibility of early repayment in parts 

  • Takes about 3 weeks 

Podmínky financování se mohou měnit, proto nás prosím kontaktujte pro aktuální možnosti financování a aktuální úrokové sazby. 

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